Friday, November 12, 2010

SkillBuilders Save Before Exit–2.0

I’ve just released an update to the SkillBuilders Save Before Exit plug-in. This was a major release (especially for such a tiny plug-in) with some good new features:

  1. Some users reported false positives with regard to change detection. To prevent this the plug-in now uses true change detection and can even detect changes to the new rich text editors in APEX 4.
  2. Support has been added for custom themes/templates via a newly exposed No Warning Selector. This allows you to use a jQuery selector to specify which elements should allow the end user to leave the page without being warned.
  3. An Ignore Change Selector option has been added which allows you to specify which element should not be checked for changes.
  4. New methods, enableWarning and disableWarning, allow developers to programmatically specify whether change detection should occur via JavaScript.

For those of you using the plug-in and planning to upgrade, make sure to check out the upgrading section of the documentation.

Click here to download. Enjoy!


  1. I've downloaded and using it! Thanks for your work and making this available!

  2. 1)I have an iframe inside a jquery ui dialog, and get the plugin to work when I close the dialog. What cahnges should I make for that to work?

    2)Is it also possible to change the popup to a small jquery dialog?

    Thank You,


  3. Juan,

    Unfortunately, iframes lack all the necessary events to make it work.

    As for the message, browsers don't give you enough control to do something like a dialog.