Thursday, December 23, 2010

Plug-in Update: SkillBuilders Super LOV 1.1

It’s been less than a week since we released Super LOV and today we’ve released version 1.1.

Click here to go to the download page (look for the demo link too).

This release includes the following changes:

  1. Improved Dialog sizing and resizing algorithms
  2. Added “Validate Value” attribute (declarative means to protect against malicious users adding values not in the LOV)
  3. Added “Display Null Values as” attribute
  4. Added “Read Only” attribute
  5. Added support for several display attributes (such as width and max width)

Future plans include:

  1. A custom input with integrated buttons for opening the LOV and clearing the selected value
  2. Making the input “enterable”
  3. Adding an attribute to disable or adjust the speed of the effects used by the plug-in

This week we passed 1000 total downloads for the plug-ins we’ve released. If you’ve not yet seen them all, make sure to check out these other plug-ins from SkillBuilders:

  1. Schedule – Makes event scheduling easy
  2. IR Header Float – Keeps Interactive Report headers in view when scrolling
  3. Save Before Exit – Warns users if they try to leave a page without saving their changes

Happy Holidays!

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