Thursday, January 13, 2011

Plug-in Update: SkillBuilders Super LOV 1.2

The APEX community has been providing us with lots of great feedback on Super LOV thus far... Keep it coming and we’ll keep making it better!

This release includes the following changes:

  1. Integrated buttons in the main input. The buttons are styled using jQuery UI which is consistent with the rest of the plug-in. Also, the “clear” button switches to a confirmation button to help prevent accidental clearing.
  2. Added “Effects Speed” attribute. Many people have had great things to say about the transition effects implemented in Super LOV but some people complained they were too slow for heavy data entry. Now you can adjust the speed to make it faster or set it to instant which essentially disables the effects altogether.
  3. Added “Default Search Column Number” attribute. Currently this will just default the column that is searched when the modal dialog is opened. This attribute will become even more important with the next release – when the item can be made “enterable”.
  4. Fixed bug that prevented Cascading LOV attribute from working. The item now “cascades” as it should with both parent and child items.

Future plans include:

  1. Making the input “enterable”. This will allow a user to focus in the main input and begin typing. If a single match is retrieved in the LOV, then the hidden item will be updated and the LOV will never open. If multiple matches are found then the LOV will open “pre-filtered” to allow for selection.
  2. Allowing LOV selection to update multiple items/elements. Lot’s of people (especially those from Oracle Forms) have been requesting this functionality so we’ve added it to the list.

To get this plug-in, as well as our other plug-in offerings, visit new “Plug-ins” page at Future plug-in releases, including this one, must be downloaded from that site. Downloads require free registration, but it’s a small price to pay for some great functionality. Smile Enjoy!