Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Upcoming Webinar – Taking Advantage of Plug-ins in APEX

In two weeks I’ll be presenting my first webinar for ODTUG: Taking Advantage of Plug-ins in APEX. The webinar will run on Tuesday, February 22nd from 3 to 4pm. It’s free to attend and should provide lots of good information. I’ve already started downloading and testing every plug-in I can get my hands on – that's 68 plug-ins so far. Can’t wait to share some of my favorites! Click here to register.


The Application Express (APEX) plug-in architecture is still relatively new – still celebrating “monthiversaries” in fact. But did you know you already have access to over 60 plug-ins for use in your applications? That’s right, the community is rallying around this exciting new architecture! But here’s the rub: you cannot benefit from what you do not know about.

In this session you will learn everything you need to start taking advantage of plug-ins in APEX. Where to find plug-ins and how to install them will be covered in the first part of the session. The second part of the session, which will consume the majority of the time, will provide an overview of some of the most useful and popular plug-ins. Be prepared to take mental notes because you never know when one or more of these plug-ins will come in handy.


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  1. Do you know if it will be recorded for later viewing. The time difference makes it a bit...challenging from Australia.

  2. Just to support Gary: A recording will be cool! And the 2-3PM...what timezone?

  3. Gary,

    All registered attendees will receive a download link after the presentation.


    The timezone is EST.