Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Webinar today: jQuery in APEX–An Introduction for Database Developers

Today I’ll be presenting another webinar for ODTUG: jQuery in APEX – An Introduction for Database Developers. In this presentation I leverage existing skills in SQL and PL/SQL to introduce important concepts in jQuery and JavaScript. I’ve done this presentation a few times now and it’s always well attended – must be the result of a steady stream of Oracle developers getting into APEX. The webinar will run from 3 to 4pm EDT and, as usual, it’s free to attend.

I hope to see you there!

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Oracle Application Express developers often have strong backgrounds in SQL and PL/SQL, but JavaScript is another story. However, JavaScript is a very important part of any well-built Web 2.0 application. Luckily JavaScript libraries, such as jQuery which is integrated into APEX, have made the language much easier to use. In this session, learn about jQuery through a series of analogies, nine in total, which will relate important concepts in the library back to what you already know in the database world.

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