Friday, September 23, 2011

APEX @ OOW 2011

The Oracle Open World schedule builder is an impressive tool but unfortunately it's not very effective if you want to find APEX sessions. To help people find those sessions, I created a quick an dirty websheet.

Click here to access the websheet. 

See you at OOW!


  1. Not often I've seen websheets in use - nice example.

    Sounds like a veritable feast of Apex, too - shame I won't be there.

  2. Hi Scott,

    I try to use Websheets every chance I get. While it's true that they can't really be compared to Database applications, for quick and dirty stuff like this they can't be beat.

    Also, the real APEX feast is Kscope. To give you an idea, OOW will have less than 20 APEX sessions this year. Kscope 2012 will have about 45!


  3. Dan,
    Great Plugin!the video is awesome!!!
    look and feel of the popup so nice.
    In my application, the following scenario doesn't seem to work perfectly :
    1) click "Edit any Employee record"
    2) make a change (eg. change ename 'allen' to Gim
    3) Click "Apply Changes"
    4) Click "Edit Employee" again --> nothing happens,its still showing the value 'allen'.
    i have created a demo in
    Please find the below link
    Am using apex 4.0.
    the steps I implemented in dynamic actions,
    1.create-clicked -perfect
    3.Modal auto close
    3.1 refresh(true action)
    3.2 javascript code (parent.window.location.reload();)
    3.3 skillbuilders modal page(f?p=&APP_ID.:2:&APP_SESSION.:::2:::)
    Am new to apex please guide me if i have made any mistakes,am struggling with this issue for long time:):)

    thanks in advance Dan.

  4. Ramya,

    You are leaving comments in random blog postings that have nothing to do with your question. Please leave comments where others may benefit from any responses or simply email me directly.

    My email address is provided on the blog.