Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Webinar: Introducing SkillBuilders Super LOV 2.0

It's almost time to release SkillBuilders Super LOV 2.0! The release will be next Thursday and we'll be holding a webinar to be sure everyone knows how to best leverage the plug-in.


Since its introduction just over one year ago, the SkillBuilders Super LOV (list-of-values) plug-in has been our most popular plug-in by far. In short, Super LOV displays multi-column LOVs. Due to its popularity we are more committed than ever to making this plug-in better.

To celebrate Super LOV's first birthday (a little belated), we are releasing version 2.0 which brings one of the most requested features since day one: enterable!

Of course enterable is only one of the many features offered by Super LOV at this point. In fact, Super LOV is so action-packed with features we thought it would be fun to invite you to a webinar to show you how to use them all. So if you are in need of a multi-column LOV solution, or you'd simply like to learn more about installing and leveraging plug-ins in APEX, do not miss this session.

Click here to register for the webinar.

As usual, it’s free to attend – but it’s real training. I'll show you how the basics of what the plug-in offers and how that differs from what's available out of the box with APEX. Then take you through the steps of installation and configuration so that you can add Super LOV to your applications immediately.

The webinar will run on Thursday, January 12th, at 1pm EST. To see other time zones, click the registration link and then on the “Show in my Time Zone” link at the top of the page.


  1. Dan, will the super-lov v2 webinar become available for download? It isn't listed yet. The live session was at 4am my time, but I would have set the alarm if I knew it was a once-only opportunity.

  2. Hi "Rumpelstiltskin",

    The webinar should be available online by Friday. We'll add a link to it on the plug-ins page.

    Also, I plan to release Super LOV 2.0.1 by then as well which fixes a few bugs.


  3. Is there a spot where I can download the older version? The newer version won't install on 4.0.2

  4. Hi All,

    I wanted to port the new release, Super LOV 2.0, to APEX 4.1 but we've been having some issues due to jQuery version changes so that may never happen.

    Because of this I'll work on getting the previous version, Super LOV 1.3, available for download on our site, but in the mean time please email me and I'll send you a copy.

    You can email the address found in the documentation or in my bio at here in this blog.

    Please keep in mind that I will not be addressing any issues with the previous version.


  5. Hi Dan
    I have run into a couple of problems that I don't realistically expect can be resolved via this blog when you have already been so generous with your time in producing these plugins.

    But I've just noticed your reference to issues with Apex 4.1 and I'd be keen to hear more about that mainly because any explanation might help me retain some dignity after failing to get the modal page plug in working at all.

    My environment is Apex 4.1 from a hosted shared server running 11.2, on top of a customised theme named Delta which you may know of. It utilizes Jquery UI at its core. I had chosen to make this the scapegoat for the symptoms observed in which the modal dialog never gets going. The frame pops up, twice the width it ought to be, and there it remains without the content and only responsive to the close button.

    Another mitigating factor might be the not unreasonable desire to utilize the superlov and the modal page to populate the same field. As they are triggered by different elements and don't overlap once the decision is made whether to choose from a list or to create new, I have been reluctant to think this couldn't be made to work.

    Incidentally, the superlov (both 1.3 and 2.0) works fine with the same theme factor involved, and Apex 4.1 as well.

    I've tried other alternative modal solutions to the creation requirements, and they seem to have no problem generating the iframe, but getting the newly created key back from the dialog, is beyond my limited javascript knowledge.

    (I could just do a select max(id) and offer that as the newly created record, but that feels like cheating somehow, and would fail now and then albeit with minor consequences.)

    In an ideal world, you'd sneak a little create button onto the superlov popup and re-use the fields already adressable within the superlov context. And while you are there you might as well finish the rest of my App off for me too. :)

    So it's a pity about the Modal page, although I did find your heavily documented code very instructional; it probably seduced me into persevering for so long actually.

    Just one question on the superlov if you don't mind, Dan. Being confined by the rules of the hosted server site, I can't access the actual plugin directory to put ther server-side files there. I tried adding them under my theme folder hierarchy and using a different substitution string to refer to this location. I can run the application perfectly well with the files uploaded as normal, but I am wondering if this is a known problem, or just a fact of life for hosted applications?

    Thanks and Regards

  6. Rumpelstiltskin,

    Others have had problems with that theme. Unfortunately, I don't have time to troubleshoot the issue.

    The Modal Page plug-in uses some advanced algorithms to try to resize the modal depending on the contents and the size of the containing window. Some thing about that theme just doesn't allow the measurements to work right.

    We are considering adding "create" to a future version of the plug-in.

    I'm not sure what you mean by the file issue. If you're able to upload the files and point to them then they should work just fine.