Saturday, January 14, 2012

SkillBuilders Save Before Exit 3.0

I've just finished the latest update to the SkillBuilders Save Before Exit plug-in. Here's a summary of the changes in version 3.0:

  • Added setting to highlight items that were modified (thanks to Alex for the idea)
  • Implemented “fix” for IE issue that caused users to be prompted two times rather than just once (this was removed at some point but has been added back in)
  • Added modifiedItems method which returns a jQuery object of the APEX items that were modified 
  • Renamed Ignore Change Selector setting to Ignore Modifications Selector. Also renamed changeDetected method to modificationDetected (similar naming convention now used throughout plug-in)

The new highlighting feature is awesome! Check out a demo here.

Be sure to visit our plug-in page to learn more about the plug-in and to download a copy. Enjoy!


  1. This is a great update Dan. Thank you!

  2. Dan,

    I have downloaded your plug-in and attempting to integrate into existing application. I have a navigation area which uses a a dynamic action (PPR) to show information on the right side of my screen. I would like the clicking of these link (by id selector a[id^=NAVIGATE] ) to be included in the check before leaving page. How/what would I change to include this check ? I couldn't see anything in the Plugin configuration to allow this but demo seems to do this.


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  4. Tom,

    I'm not sure I follow. If it's PPR, why are you leaving the page?

    Could you put an example together on and provide me with developer credentials as well as a better explanation of what you are trying to do?

    You can send the credentials to my email.


  5. Hello Dan,
    I'm using a theme that uses button objects. I still have the problem of double submitting.
    Any way to avoid it or just change the buttons to link objects?.
    Thanks for your great job.

  6. Anonymous,

    The default Disable Warning Selector is one that makes all buttons "valid exits", meaning users are not warned when they are clicked.

    You can change the selector so that it excludes the next/prev buttons but how this is done will vary by your theme/templates.

    Please put an example on and provide me with developer credentials if you need more help creating the correct selector.


  7. Hi Dan McGhan,

    Hope you doing good.
    I need you help.

    I am using this plugin in my application.
    I want to change the message of "Are you sure?" dialog box.
    I have changed in "Warning Message".
    This is working in chrome nicely.
    But in mozila firefox the message is "This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave - data you have entered may not be saved.".
    The warning message text is not showing in firefox browser.

    Thank You.

  8. dipakchandnani,

    That's correct, the developers of Firefox have decided to standardize the message. I'm unaware of a workaround for this.