Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Webinar Tomorrow - Taking Control: Integrating PL/SQL APIs in APEX

Update (13-AUG-2012): Added link to download files from presentation.

I'll be doing webinar for ODTUG tomorrow titled Taking Control: Integrating PL/SQL APIs in APEX. This is a topic I presented on at Kscope 2012 but it's been updated with some new information. If you've been curious as to how you should go about leveraging your PL/SQL skills in APEX I highly recommend attending. Again, it's tomorrow, Thursday the 9th at 12pm EDT. If you plan to attend from a land far, far away, click here and drag the indicator till is says 12:00pm for New York - hopefully one of the other time zones will be of use to you :)


The automatic row fetch and DML processes in Oracle Application Express are very powerful, allowing developers to create applications quickly and easily. However, their inflexibility often forces developers to implement sub-optimal workarounds to satisfy complex UI or data processing requirements. But when armed with knowledge of PL/SQL, APEX developers can take back control with packaged based APIs. In this session attendees will learn how to integrate PL/SQL APIs in APEX through a series of example problems and solutions.

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I hope you see you all there!

Files Link

Did you attend the webinar? Are you looking for the files I used? Here's a link to download them:

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