Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Webinar Next Week: Securing APEX – An Overview of Exploits and Solutions

Next week I'll be doing a webinar titled Securing APEX – An Overview of Exploits and Solutions. The webinar will run on Thursday, September 27th at 12pm EDT. As the name suggests, we'll be exploring various ways people may try to hack an APEX application and how you can prevent them from succeeding.  If you plan to attend from a land far, far away, click here and drag the indicator till is says 12:00pm for New York - hopefully one of the other time zones will be of use to you :)


Oracle Application Express (APEX) has many security related features that help developers create applications that are guarded from today’s web based threats. But if developers are unaware of these features, how they work and what they guard against, then it is likely they will create applications with at least a few security holes. In this session attendees will see live demos of certain exploits, including Cross Site Scripting and SQL injection, and subsequently learn how to protect against them using the correct feature(s) in APEX or Oracle in general.

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I hope you see you there!

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