Thursday, April 11, 2013

Enkitec CLOB Load Plug-in for APEX in the Wild

In February of 2010 I published a blog post titled "CKEdtior and Those Pesky CLOBs". The post covered how one could overcome limitations related to how many bytes of information could be submitted for an item in APEX. Since then APEX has improved a lot but this pesky little problem still plagues us. While the content in the blog post still works it's not exactly easy to reproduce each time you need it. Can anyone smell a new plug-in???

I'm excited to release the second plug-in under the Enkitec brand: Enkitec CLOB Load! Enkitec CLOB Load is a dynamic action "utility" plug-in of sorts that allows you to easily move large amounts of text from the database to items in your web page and then back to the database. It's packed with some goodies, such as the ability to display a modal dialog while loading and it works asynchronously too - even via web workers if your browser supports them!

I have to give special thanks to Tyson Jouglet who helped build this plug-in. He is responsible for some nice features and great code!

If you're interested in learning more go to and click on help or demo on the right.

I hope it saves you some trouble!


  1. Smell a plug-in? Did you manage to integrate the Google Nose API?

    Thanks for sharing,