Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Enkitec Navbar - Now Available Without Side Effects!

When I released the Enkitec Navbar plug-in a couple weeks ago I wasn't happy with the fact that Twitter Bootstrap didn't properly scope their CSS. While you'd surely have delighted your end users to no end by using the plug-in in your application, there was a chance you may have broken something else, potentially stymying their awesome experience leaving you with no net gain in their respect and adoration. This just wasn't acceptable.

After doing some digging I learned that it IS possible to scope the CSS for Bootstrap. You just need to clone the GIT repo, modify the LESS CSS files to your liking, recompile the CSS, and then tweak the results ever so slightly, that's all... Granted, this is more work than would be necessary if scoping were available out of the box but the end result was the same: Enkitec Navbar sans side effects - woot!

Since we were taking another look at Navbar we also took the time to do some other enhancements and bug fixes. If you're using a static list, list entries pointing to pages protected by Session State Protection will now work as expected. We increased the size of the Brand label to allow for embedded images. And finally, we added support for icons in the list entries! The creators of Twitter Bootstrap have an agreement with the creators of Glyphicons so you get access to 140 high quality icons for free! Here's a Navbar example using icons in the first level:

To learn more about or download the Enkitec Navbar plug-in, head on over its main page at:


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