Saturday, June 22, 2013

Enkitec Modal LOV Plug-in for APEX in the Wild

I'm very happy to announce the newest member to the Enkitec family of plug-ins: Modal LOV. Many of you may already be familiar with the basic functionality of the plug-in since it's a fork of the work Jason and I started with Super LOV. In this new release I've added some of the most requested features, including the ability to search across all columns and sort by each column. I also did a level set and took all the functionality back to APEX 4.0!

For the uninitiated, Modal LOV displays a list of values as a modal dialog and allows for multiple columns without concatenation. Here's a screenshot of a demo LOV when it's open:

One important note... When you install the plug-in, make sure to create an application level item named EK_ML_SEARCH. This is required for the search all columns functionality. Eventually I'll be able to remove this requirement for APEX 4.2 and above but it will always be required for earlier versions.

Here's a link to the main page for the plug-in: Click on the demo or help links on the right of that page to learn more.


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