Monday, April 28, 2014

Webinar: I Want Master / Detail / Detail, and I Want it Now!

Whu, whu, webinar. Wow, I almost forgot how to say it. Let's hope I didn't forget how to do them!!! :) I'm pleased to announce I'll be doing my first webinar for Enkitec next month! The webinar is titled I Want Master / Detail / Detail, and I Want it Now! and it will run on Thursday, May 15th at 10am EDT. I hope to see everyone there!


Application design patterns offer developers reusable solutions to common problems. In enterprise applications, the Master / Detail pattern provides end users with an intuitive and efficient means to work with data models that have header records with one or more detail records. Oracle APEX has included native support for the Master / Detail pattern for a while, but for some people it’s not enough - they need Master / Detail / Detail.

Unfortunately, native support for Master / Detail / Detail was dropped from the Statement of Direction for Oracle APEX 5.0 (it is now slated for 5.1). However, with a little extra work, the Master / Detail / Detail pattern can be added to earlier versions Oracle APEX and this webinar details exactly how to do it. In this webinar, we'll kick things off with the built in Master / Detail pattern, explore options for the additional layer, and then implement it live.

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